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My illustrations tell stories, mine, but also yours...

I mainly work with people below. In the case you are not mentionned, maybe your idea is still in my abilities, Feel free to message me!


You are a writer or a publisher with a text or a book concept to illustrate.

If it's a tale, a legend, adventure, magic or another culture, I like nothing more! If it popularizes or raises awareness about a subject, I am also interested!


You are a scientist ou a science organization with a popularization project.

In my opinion, knowledge transfer is essential to avoid misinformation and educate the general public. Let's see how to translate your researchs into images!


You are a company or a communication agency. You need an identity or a picture for a communication medium or a product.

Corporate image or idea spread are important issues, if you want to use illustration, you are in the right place!

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any price without knowing what you are thinking about. To provide you a quote I need to estimate the complexity of your drawing, its size (a large picture needs more details), whether it is in black and white or color, and finally, your use. 

I invite you to contact me via the form above to tell me more about your idea! If we need to clarify some points or to prepare parts of the project,, we will take the time to discuss together so that everything will be clear before starting. See you soon!